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i tried to make Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones? Idk the show but I saw her and she was really pretty


Mermaid Dress 

af/bottom/1 color channel

original mesh is from shmoopiesims,turned this mesh into a real piece

please forgive my awkward texture(́◉◞౪◟◉‵)

hope you like it _(:3」∠)_

get this→mediafire



Shizuka Mori - Japan

Having fun with some flag shirts :) simply-one-hell-of-a-simblr This skin is gorgeous <3



I really need to get back into pose making. I miss it


Hey there guys!
So I spent maybe a couple of hours finding/making these. <_<
They’re in package files so yeah, if you want them download them >here<. c:

I think I’ve fixed the problem now, download them >here<. :)
Plus if you want to download the only I used in Danielle’s picture then >here< it is.

"Im’ sorry…." 

"Cole" Said Cole in a low tone

"Ah I’m sorry Cole for a dinner I promised, I was getting ready at last minute so all I could prepare was toast, strawberries and nutella" Said Margie in a apologetic whisper tone.

"Ah don’t worry about it, my last relationship she wasn’t a really good cook anyways so I got use to take out" Said Cole

Margie eyes gave the unsure look towards Cole

"Whats wrong?"

Margie was starting to get piss

"So your telling me that you lived with another girl and broke up with her and your going to bring her up in this conversation? With another girl named Margie?!" Said Margie very pissed off.

" Uh….Mars-" Cole couldn’t complete his sentence with Margie setting a bomb off.

"Oh your giving nick names now?! YOU KNOW WHAT COLE" Margie than stood up.

"I’m coming!" Yelled Margie as she left her bedroom while putting her dress over her head.

"I’m coming!" Yelled Margie as she left her bedroom while putting her dress over her head.

Soon Margie’s mother text’d her. “Hey are you getting ready?YOU BETTER BE!”. Margie just sign harshly and rolled her eyes and then replied back to her mother.

"Wow mom, are you desperate for grand kids or for me to get out this house?" Said Margie while thinking which shoes she was going to wear that night. Then a minute later Margie smartphone vibrated.

"Both" Text’d her mother.

With complete rage Margie threw the phone across the room towards the wall. The phone crashed into the wall and fell to the floor with tiny pieces of glass surrounding it.

"Fuck you mom, fuck you" Curse Margie under her breath. Then the door bell ranged.


After that night that was a week ago exactly; Ambrosios hasn’t shown up in a dream for Margie at all, it really looks like he really kept his words after the last few nights. Well, two days ago Margie mother called her, Margie wasn’t really pleased by what her mother told her. Her mother set her up with a man that her mother met online by using a picture of Margie. Margie really just wanted to slap her mother for being a idiot; giving her address to some man that she never talked to while he can be a person to be on the show Catfish.But she couldn’t cancel the date because “Margie” said yes for him to come over for a fancy dinner. Margie can’t even cook a piece of toast without a fire bursting out…

"Oh my god, oh my god!" Margie said after waking up. "Ambrosios, Ambros-…..where are you!!" Yelled Margie while sobbing to the max.


Sugar Hair Dump

Its my old downloads and the one of them is the hair that i never share before, over than 70 hairs is ready to download!

Download : Mediafire folder

Included custom thumbnail in the folder, please ask me if you had the problem with the downloads, btw some of the hair doesn’t work with custom thumbnail so don’t ask me about that

all hairs only teen-elder,hoz texture,awt action,newsea,skysims,butterflysims,sunpi,peggy,anubis,alesso,cazy,store,raon,imamiii,modish kitten,sintiklia,nightcrawler,mybluebook mesh






willow creek’s night

sooooo cool


so jelly ;-;

Anyways good morning people!

Anyways good morning people!

The fourth child and you still don’t know how to hold a baby

unsatisfied Babs

unsatisfied Babs